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Xample Brand Design

​It is essential to have a brand that is timeless, creates memorable first impressions and most importantly, a brand that you can be proud of!


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We can help you explore and design the perfect visual brand identity for you and your business, with packages suitable for any business size & needs.


Logo Design -  A professionally designed logo with logo variations includes horizontal and vertical orientations, various colour versions and sub-marks to ensure the brand is flexible and versatile for all platforms and mediums.

Visual Elements - Expanding the brand beyond the logo by designing visual elements such as icons, patterns, image styles and brand styles. You can think of it this way, what does your brand look like if you take the logo away?

Brand Guidelines  - A digital book that outlines everything about your new brand. Including logo descriptions, clear space, colour codes, logo fonts, brand fonts, background compatibility, standard rules and best practices.

Our extended packages include business cards, letterheads, email signatures, social media branding and web design using your fresh new brand. These packages depend on and are tailored to your needs and requirements.

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Want to know more about each one, click on the icons for more information!


Already have a visual brand identity that is outdated, inconsistent or does not accurately portray you or your business? We can help you breathe new life into your brand by doing a Brand Refresh.



What are the Brand Refresh deliverables?

To ensure we deliver a fully rounded brand, a Brand Refresh has the same deliverables as a Brand Creation. Including Logo Design, Visual Elements and Brand Guidelines, with extended packages including business cards, letterheads, email signatures, social media branding and website design.

How much of the original brand is preserved?

This is very much circumstantial. However, we try and carry over some similarities to keep a small connection and familiarity with the original brand. The logo can be vectorised, cleaned up, improved and expanded. If the whole brand needs to be scraped and started from scratch, we recommend doing a Brand Creation instead.

What is the difference between Brand Refresh and Brand Creation?

The process between a Brand Refresh and Brand Creation is very similar. However, the most significant difference with a brand refresh is identifying and understanding why the existing brand is no longer working. And at the same time, keeping and building upon the existing elements that currently work.


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Jean-Pierre Nel

Owner & Designer

I understand it can feel weird to contact a faceless person you don't know. So here is my face, and my name is Jean-Pierre Nel, but feel free to call me JP.


Now that you know who I am, I would love to hear from you and learn more about your creative needs.

PHONE: (+64) 027 231 4808
LOCATION: Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

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